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Orion: Empowering the cloud Infrastructure

The IT network today has crossed all possible earthly barriers and manifested into a network of astronomic proportions. While the extent of IT may reach far and wide, the ever growing network and evolving technology has increased the constant security threat that the cloud services providers and consumers have been combating for years. This has put security at the top of the priority order for companies seeking IT services. In today’s market preference is shown towards companies that provide efficient Cloud storage infrastructure that are impenetrable. OrionVM is one such company that focuses on providing a safe and secure cloud platform that is capable of adapting to the client’s needs. Orion’s Cloud architecture dubbed cloud 2.0 which implements the Infiniband fabric is a fine example of the company’s security features.

Founded in 2010, this San Francisco based Cloud provider has mastered the cloud game and built one of the most reliable cloud infrastructures in the industry today. But what really separates this tech maverick from the others is its Wholesale Cloud Platform where the consumers are provided with a high performing white-label cloud platform that is highly scalable and can be branded as their own. This enables companies to advertise their brand better through the high calibre compliment of resources that are at their disposal. Apart from all these highly lucrative perks that come with Orion’s services, the company’s various cloud platforms are naturally compliant with all major operating systems eliminating the need to toil over compatibility issues. Having such services in the market truly reduces the level of stress that companies have to go through to get their processes done.
Sheng Yeo, CEO

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