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Managed Net: Where Cloud Technology Meets Managed Services

Darin Schoumaker, President & CEO
In today’s fast paced world that revolves around the IT universe, it becomes imperative for organizations to embrace the core platform around which the entire tech universe revolves- “The Cloud”. ManagedNet has been a long time player in the IT market with its roots going back to 2004 when the IT industry was morphing into something much bigger.

Backup and Disaster recovery has been a huge milestone in developing ManagedNet's client services. The company has reduced days of downtime and recovery to hours if not minutes to keep a business operating

ManagedNet realized the potential that the market possessed and wanted to render managed services offering which would enable the client to achieve a boost in their efficiency thereby boosting their revenue.
Thus the organization became an advocate for technology while also serving as an advisor to help companies make full use of the technology. Through the course of the cloud’s evolution in the recent years ManagedNet has been able to create a business model that can marry the cloud and managed services for the benefit of clients.

As Managed Net passed its 10 year anniversary, the organization has been able to achieve several IT milestones.
The key achievement would be helping companies understand and adopt managed services as away of doing business,allowing IT and business to be aligned toward a common goal of mutual success in achieving a company’s business goals. ManagedNet has also extended its list of accomplishments into the security, backup and disaster recovery.
This helps the company deliver a secure platform that is both reliable and risk free. The backup and disaster recovery offering is truly a huge achievement. This service has helped the company enhance the efficiency while resolving technological issues by reducing the downtime put into the process. “Backup and Disaster recovery has been a huge milestone in developing our client services. We’ve reduced days of downtime and recovery to hours if not minutes to keep a business operating, while we handle the technology issues,” says ManagedNet Founder and CEO Darin Schoumaker.
Hardware virtualization is a crucial aspect of cloud computing and is a key element in ManagedNet’s strategy to help clients migrate to the cloud. ManagedNet implements elastic computing to full effect by bringing the right resources in the right way to clients and ensuring their growth in capabilities as their business grows. According to Darin, elastic computing using hardware virtualization along with managementis the key to the growth and capacity strategy. Virtualized hardware influences capacity, compatibility and management of a company’s system.Staying true to its name, ManagedNet puts a high priority on providing a highly managed environment for the clients.
Client Management is a crucial aspect of business today. Darin’s organization is no stranger to this fact and has devised the perfect methodology to enhance its clients’ business without alienating from the tech process. As Darin puts it, ManagedNet ‘Puts the Human in technology’. With an invaluable amount of experience and insight under its belt, ManagedNet is anticipates all the obstacles and developments that the IT world. ManagedNet is currently expanding its reach with a national presence currently in over 50 markets nationally and growing.

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