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Langtech Inc: A Pioneer in the Cloud Game

Brian Mott, CEO
Evolution has been the driving force of change in the universe for eons, dictating what survives and what must be replaced. This is also true in the field ofinformation technology (IT)where evolution is both instantaneous and constant. The IT industry is constantly evolving anddeveloping atan ever-increasing speed. Technologies that have the capability to adapt to the vast and changing IT environment have the best chance of surviving in this market. The same can be said of the IT companies that are instrumental in helping their customers effectively adapt to these new and changing technologies.
With the IT industry demanding a high level of expertise across many disciplines, mostIT companies struggle to survive. Successful companies attracta diverse talent pooland cultivatea wide range of experience and knowledge. Langtech Systems Consulting, Inc. is one such company. Established in 1987, this San Francisco based IT company was started during a time when Internet and cloud computing were nascent technologies. The brainchild of founder Brian Mott, Langtech was brought to life after the former Oracle employee came up with the idea to introduce a system that would enablemid-size companies to leverage networks for their data management and sharing needs. “I was hooked on applications.I saw a need to help small to mid-size companies share data internally using networking technologies together with the new relational databases,” says Mott. Langtech stepped up its game once Eivind Sukkestad, then managing network technology at UCSF, joined the company to build and manage Langtech’s client data networks. As soon as more and more organizations started linking their networks to the Internet, Langtech expanded its applications to the cloud and hassince accumulateda vast amount of experience on the subject.
In today’s market, managing an IT network is not just as simple as hosting and serving. It has evolved and morphed into a complex system that encompassesthe many disciplines of distributed networking, application development, data storage and security technology. This reality, combined with major industry challenges in the early 90’s, 2001 and 2008, has pushed IT companies to implement several strategies to cope with such rapid change. Langtech was one of the most successful at this game. One of Langtech’s key strategies is to target customers that can take advantage of Langtech’s unique focus on a customer’s data storage and analysis requirements, together with their underlying network management skills. Offering a more cohesive and inclusive solution is a big lure for Langtech’s customers who easily see the benefits and cost savings advantages of not having to manage multiple vendors.
The other survival strategy Langtech mastered throughout its 28 years of experience is finding creative ways to attract and maintain top talent.Langtech is known for its consultants that not only understand the technology, but can also apply that knowledge to their customers’specific business requirements.
Langtech’s employees are offered an attractive incentive plan, which encourages them to grow professionally and perform well for the company. “Being in Silicon Valley, talented professionals have several attractive options in terms of start-ups. Although we can’t offer Ferraris as sign-on bonuses, we do offer competitive compensation packages andstrong growth potential. We are also willing to be creative on where we search for talent,” says Mott.
Companies that offer a unique valueattract more attention in any market. Today the key differentiating factor in the IT industry is first-rate customer service, and Langtech has made customer service a top priority. Its ‘white glove’ policy is a centrepiece of its service model. Each client is assigned to a client manager who guides them through the entire process of choosing and managing their technology. IT strategy is an important part of any business, but many small and medium sized businesses do not have formalized IT budgets or IT leadership such as a CTO. Third party advisors such as Langtech are a major asset for these smaller companies. As part of its standard customer service offerings, Langtech’s strategic CTO services provide its clients with recommendations, cost-benefit analysis and budgeting assistance to help them chart their own technology roadmap. ‘White glove’customer service, together with Langtech’s deep knowledge of various sectors of the IT industry, make Langtech a top draw in the IT market.
Having solid experience in a range of IT-related fields, from hosting to software development to cloud computing and everything in between, is another key advantage for Langtech.

“I was hooked on applications.I saw a need to help small to mid-size companies share data internally using networking technologies together withthe new relational databases,”

For a company that offers many different solutions, cohesion amongst all the departments is a crucial attribute that keeps the business process flowing without any hiccups. Any weaknesses in the work flow chain could cause the whole process to crumble. Langtech’s various departments function as one unit.The collective expertise of its talented employeescreates a tech think tank that is fully equipped to navigate, support and secure its clients’ data. Companies that are adopting automation and similar services especially benefit from this system as it provides them an environment that manages itself without any hassles.
Finally, strong and long standing partnerships with its customers plays a major part in solidifying Langtech’s strong position in the market. Many clients have been with them for more than ten years. US Sports Camps (USSC), for instance, has been a loyal customer since 2000. Throughout the 15 year relationship, Langtech has helped virtualize and digitize all of USSC’s operations. Now USSC leverages all of Langtech’s product offerings, including software development, hosting, Desktop as a Service (DAAS), managed service, and virtual CTO offerings,the combination of which has helped USSC to keep up to speed with ever-changing technologies and manage their rapid growth to become one of the largest sports camp management companies in the world.
Given all the knowledgeand expertise Langtech has acquired throughout the years, it is no surprise it was awarded the Ingram Micro SMB 500 Award, a prestigious accolade given to the most eliteIT companies. Having experienced great success in the industry, Langtech now seeks to expand its operations through organic growth, acquisitions and investments in automation, which willlead the company into the next era of IT services. However, despite its large ambitions, Langtech does not intend to“grow just for growth sake,” which has been the key cause for the failure of many companies in the industry. Instead, Langtech will continue to seek balanced growth by providing new benefits and opportunities for its customers without compromising its focus on excellent customer service.

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