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Cloudnexa: Leveraging Cloud Computing To Achieve New Frontiers

Joel Davne, Founder & CEO
The general view about Cloud computing is that it is all about saving money. However, at Cloudnexa, Cloud is about saving time. The organization’s goal is to provide its customers with the lowest possible cost of services,

Leveraging Cloud Computing To Achieve New Frontiers

utilizing the Cloud in the shortest amount of time possible and in doing so, the organization helps its customers achieve very high customer satisfaction in using Amazon web services. Having developed an approach where Cloud management is a service, Cloudnexa has been leading the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) experience with their revolutionary Cloud Management tool (vNOC).
Under the leadership of its Founder and CEO, Joel Davne, Cloudnexa has climbed the ladder of success and is quite unrivalled today. The company is known for its partnership with Amazon Web Services and for providing their upgraded and experienced service to their clients in private, public and government Cloud services.
Cloudnexa’s clients don’t need to pay any upfront fees for services. Assesments and advisory services, migration services, cloud operations and ultimately the optimization of environments are all provided at a very low cost, as low as only 18% of the monthly expenditure. It is safe to safe that this managed services provider is helping clients realize the full utility power of Cloud computing.

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