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C7 Data Centers: Taking Cloud Technology to Newer Heights

Wes Swenson, CEO
With the ever increasing hike in the amount of Big Data being transferred and processed today, a dire need arises for companies to find way of accessing, manipulating and securely storing this Data. In today’s IT-reliant universe, the Cloud has found a place at the very peak of the industry as the carrier and container of Big Data. IT and big data service providers today seek to develop cloud solutions that can help their clients gather as much insight possible from the data that is being processed through the cloud while making the processing time also considerably shorter. In this quest several companies merge, morph and conglomerate to form individual entities capable to cope with the changing cloud and Big Data infrastructure of the IT world. C7 is one such company that was born out of the need to evolve to sustain in this metaphorically hostile environment of cyber beings that are constantly seeking development. After acquiring Managed services provider Integra Techs two years ago, C7 entered into a whole new domain of the industry.

C7 was born out of the need to evolve to sustain in the metaphorically hostile environment of cyber beings that are constantly seeking development

Based out of Bluffdale, UT, C7 has gained considerable experience in the past two years in the field of cloud solutions. A major challenge for most companies providing services would be managing and acquiring new resources that possess the potential to enhance the efficiency of the company. C7 faced that challenge and quickly overcame it. .. By putting the correct and adequate resources, in technology as well as human, C7 has become a premier provider of private and public cloud solutions. Customers taking advantage of C7 cloud offerings vary from very large and sophisticated corporations to small medical and dental offices.
In today’s market providing the necessary equipment can often prove to be quite a challenge for most companies. C7 got around this issue by acquiring a Value Added Reseller (VAR) status with top hardware manufacturers such as Cisco, Dell, Nimble and others. “This value added reseller capability is imperative if you plan to help customers purchase hardware. From a pricing, configuration and maintenance perspective becoming a VAR is important to appropriately help the customer,” said Wes Swenson, CEO, C7.
In most cases adaptability seems to be an Achilles heel that most companies suffer from and has the potential to cause those companies to incur huge losses. C7 has managed to shine out amongst its peers through an elite complement of engineers and technicians who are incentivised to certify and stay on top of new technologies in their respective specialities. C7 also prides itself for providing a multitude of high services in different environments to customers outside their data centres, which is quite uncommon amongst collocation providers.
IT companies also rely to a great extent on unique aspects of their service profile which can aide consumers in selecting their service providers.
Apart from C7’stechnical complement, the company has also gained a level of expertise in the cloud and Big Data process.For companies that are new to the market and seek Big Data and Cloud services, providers that can take care of all the entire process can C7 providesits own set of unique services which include their own data centres.
come as a boon. C7 serves as a guiding light to the companies that waver around in search of actionable insight.Quote: C7 was born out of the need to evolve to sustain in the metaphorically hostile environment of cyber beings that are constantly seeking development

CloudHesive (www.cloudhesive.com): Keeping the Cloud Secure
With the expanding usage of Big Data, Cloud services have become a crucial vessel for storing, processing and managing this data and the associated infrastructure. One of the major concern for most companies using cloud services is security. This concern is quite rational given the high profile nature of their projects. Many cloud providers keep security as a major priority when they offer cloud services to their consumers. CloudHesive is one such company that is fighting on the frontlines of war against data breaches. Started in 2014 this Fort Lauderdale, FL based cloud services provider has been helping companies migrate their workloads to Amazon Web Services and SoftLayer as well as wrapping these cloud environments with security controls and performing the ongoing management.
According to CloudHesive’s CEO, Jim Walker, security issues can arise from the start of the cloud transfer process where the data is copied from an on premise system and is transferred to the cloud. Every step in the cloud transfer process, no matter how simple, involves certain security hazards which the provider needs to mitigate by architecting, deploying and then continuous managet and monitoring. Due to these risks most clients seeking cloud services fear that most providers will not address the security issues involved in running mission critical workloads on a public cloud provider. “There are still those that believe large cloud providers don’t provide the security controls required to secure mission critical workloads. We believe this a misconception and the security posture for your application requires the inherited security controls from your provider as well as the operational controls that each organization deploys and manages on top of their cloud deployment,” says Walker defending the cloud service industry. CloudHesive provides their clients with end point security, encryption for data at rest and inflight, continuous performance and security monitoring as well as end to end management.
Walker also emphasizes that the major security challenge for cloud services arises when adopting the cloud provider’s shared responsibility model for security and selecting the complementary services and products that support the security requirements of the customer’s system. CloudHesive implements security measures that enable customers to intercept and navigate the complex security issues that may arise in the cloud and also provides engineers who are well equipped to handle the problems posed by such systems. CloudHesive’s Encryption as a service (Eaas), Tokenization as a Service (Taas), threat management and managed end-point security services are excellent examples of the company’s security measures. These services provide a fault tolerant and abundant environment that can be accessed from anywhere a client may desire. These solutions are powered by highly acclaimed companies such as Vormetric , Alert Logic, and Trend Micro.
With the number of services offered and demanded in the IT world, versatility becomes a sought after trait in IT service providers of any sort. CloudHesive has understood this trend and has set up a stack that provides the right solutions to efficiently address the issues faced by their clients.
Technological evolution is a key focus for most companies that seek to establish themselves in the market. This need drives companies to seek out providers that provide them decreased time to market, increased security posture, scalable solutions and can leverage the latest technology. Walker states that companies such as CloudHesive are born out of such needs and that cloud managed services provide a holistic cloud eco system. CloudHesive, after its inception, has delivered exceptional service to its clients which earned the company the H. Wayne Huizenga Startup Award for 2015. Being a fresh company in this market, CEO Jim Walker and the company’s co-founder Patrick Hannah have big plans for the company’s future which starts with getting their brand name out in the global market and to build a SaaS platform that makes adoption of cloud services easy to use for even non technical consumers.

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