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BELL INTEGRATOR: Bringing a Paradigm Shift to Technological Solutions While Staying True to Traditional Systems

Andrey Korobitsyn , CEO
Economies around the world are seeing a rapid change in the way business is being conducted, across verticals. And, in this wave of new age tools and techniques, no one wishes to fall behind. The call of the hour is being responded to by the modern-era go-to organizations that thrive on adapting and serving the bigger players, making the transition easier and efficient. Bell Integrator is a company doing just that – providing mission-critical solutions, on the clock, and addressing complex business requirements. Formed in 2003, and headquartered in California, Bell Integrator has already carved a niche for itself, and is growing at lightning speed. The company has outposts in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, and caters to clients globally. Cloud and Big Data-related solutions have taken the mantle of Bell Integrator’s endeavours, and they are further endowing their energies in formulating new-age services pertaining to networking, mobility and business intelligence across telecom, finance, healthcare and transportation industries.

On the Basis of Client requirements, Bell Integrator deploys the most appropriate computing and testing methods, thereby delivering reduced costs, enhanced agility, quick service delivery and improved scalability

Exploring Avenues, Executing Plans
In an IT market swarming with technology solutions providers, it was important that Bell Integrator started out with a clear mission. Andrey Korobitsyn, the Stanford University-educated CEO of Bell Integrator, wanted to bring an added value to the clients queuing for IT services. Almost 12 years down the line, it is safe to say that the organization has lived up to the expectations. “The market is saturated with companies providing IT solutions, Cloud and Big Data being especially lucrative areas of commercial interest. But, I observed that the market was more oriented towards the commodity model. I set out with the goal of creating an institution which specialized in providing quality and diverse expertise in the Cloud space,” Andrey elaborates. What helps is Bell Integrator’s outreach and experience in delivering concise services to their clientele, while innovating perpetually to the most advanced cutting-edge technologies.
After an initial surge, Bell Integrator faced a slowdown, like the rest of the global economy, during the 2008 recession. Budgets were narrowed down and inflow of money was downbeat. Yet, the initial gains kept the organization stable enough to offer their preferred clients deferred payment options, and thereby keeping the business running.
In time, the customer loyalty and the service quality paid off, raising their goodwill a few notches.

Making a Name, Being the ‘Go-to’ Company
Cloud technology has a number of ancillary parts, which make the process complicated and difficult. A company making the transition for the first time needs tactical expertise, which is difficult to find. “A lack of qualified skills and resources to efficiently implement cloud solutions is the main cloud adoption challenge. When moving to the cloud, most companies face difficulties on all infrastructural levels. It requires diverse expertise, including software development, cloud computing testing, data integration, information security etc., which only a company with a wide set of skills, such as Bell Integrator can cover,” Andrey explains. Meeting compliance norms and government regulations is another problem that most companies face. Bell Integrator has years of proven experience in providing end-to-end cloud solutions. It is only further vindicated by positive Return on Investment and reduced Total Cost of Ownership reported by most of their clients. On the basis of client requirements, the company deploys the most appropriate computing and testing methods, thereby delivering reduced costs, enhanced agility, quick service delivery and improved scalability.
Managing complex high-scale projects is commonplace for Bell Integrator. While meeting the highest level of standards, such as PMI, the company implements an accumulated stack of their own processes, know-how, and best practices. Each project is handled individually and on its face value. A dedicated team is set up as per the needs of the client and the process.

Staying on Top of the Game, Outdoing the Competition
Stemming from the company’s client-first and assured-quality approache, it’s of paramount importance at Bell Integrator to invest heavily in training and R&D to explore the latest open source solutions. Eugene Pozdnikov, the Managing Director of Bell Integrator, elaborates on the modus operandi. “We pride ourselves for being vendor agnostic, as we partner with the best-in-class technology vendors to develop the right solutions for our customers, and our clients benefit from the latest cross-platform innovation and industry practices. Some of our revered partners are HP, IBM, Microsoft, CISCO, Oracle, Symantec and Citrix, to name a few,” he elucidates.
Apart from the constant evolution, Bell Integrator is a thoroughly customer-centric organization. By Eugene’s own admission, the company prides itself for the success of its clients. The company’s diligence has seen them garner an impressive list of clients, which includes VimpelCom, MTS, MegaFon, Rostelecom, Citibank, Deutsche Bank and UniCredit Group. These partnerships have lasted years now, so much so that Bell Integrator is now an extension of the technology divisions of most of their clients.

Path Ahead, Roads Less Travelled
Bell Integrator has six offices in four countries across three continents. They have more than 2000 employees on their payroll, and they’re fast emerging as one of the biggest IT employers in Eastern Europe. They are now focusing on consolidation, expansion and diversification, and elaborate plans have been drawn up. “We are currently transforming to a global company. We are actively growingour business in North America and engaging with clients to implement cutting-edge technologies such as SDN, NFV, Big Data and Cloud solutions. And, we are constantly exploring new trends and technologies to continue being a visionary company,” Eugene concludes.

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