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Ajubeo:Cutting through the Cloud Technology

Chuck Price, CEO
Over the last three decades, corporate IT deployments have grown increasingly complex. They comprise of a multitude of software and hardware technologies glued together. Resultantly, they are not flexible enough to respond to dynamic business needs. Innovations in terms of cloud computing address these issues in the most effective way. Chuck Price and Tom Whitcomb, with their years of experience in the same domain, soon realized the advantages of cloud and together founded Ajubeo in 2011 to provide an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaas) cloud platform. It ensures utmost privacy, agility, connectivity and reliability. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, the company has its Cloud infrastructure hubs in Denver, New York and London.

Cutting through the Cloud Technology

Ajubeo’s talented engineers, administrators and support personnel are well trained in the cloud domain. Employees mandatorily undertake certification courses in VMWare, NetApp, Microsoft, Nimsoft, CompTIA A+ technologies.
These vibrant engineers support the company’s flagship services such as high performance virtual data centers, virtual desktop, cloud storage, disaster recovery, data backup, cloud monitoring and cloud smart starts. The company also delivers affiliated cloud services such as Database-as-a-Service and data back-up and disaster recovery. Upholding its policy of transparency in cost and services, Ajubeo has pushed itself much ahead of its competitors in the race. Unlike other cloud providers, Ajubeo’s goal is to deliver clients with ideal Private Virtual Data Center which is backed by its robust cloud infrastructure and cater flexible platform that replicates the exact IT end-user environments in cloud. Additionally, Ajubeo provides online customer support round the clock through MyAjubeo customer portal, enabling easy, efficient self-help cloud management and orchestration services.
Ajubeo has won the 2013 XaaS of the Year award presented by the Communications Technology Professionals and The Indus Entrepreneurs. With its unwavering commitment towards customer satisfaction, Ajubeo has come a long way to become a pioneer in cloud deployments services.
Quote: Upholding its policy of transparency in cost and services, Ajubeo has pushed itself much ahead of its competitors in the race

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