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Trianz: Harnessing the Cloud for Success

Vivek Gupta, Worldwide VP
Advent of new, disruptive technologies has become the order of the day. These emerging technologies, coupled with equally disruptive service delivery models such as Social, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud Computing (collectively called as ‘’SMAC’’), severely challenge the status quo and are forcing businesses to change the way they manage and execute their business. Among them, Cloud Computing has attained the status of Holy Grail for the forward-thinking enterprises who understand that to stay relevant and competitive, it is the time to mature from “Cloud-Friendly’’ to ‘’Cloud-First” and soon. In fact, the data presented by International Data Corporation (IDC) correlates with this trend. It forecasts that global Public IT Cloud services spending will reach $107 billion in 2017 and $127 billion in 2018. Understandably, most of the IT services organizations are reevaluating their strategies centered around cloud computing. The goal is to introduce better, faster, and cheaper models of IT service delivery leveraging the power of cloud technologies. One of the esteemed companies that can help expedite this much-needed transformation is Trianz.

A provider of premium cloud services, Trianz is uniquely positioned to help global communities reap the benefits out of their cloud deployments. The company provides specialized professional services encompassing full life cycle execution, leveraging Cloud, Analytics, Digitization, and Security. Addressing the company’s head-straight vision, Vivek Gupta, WW VP – Cloud Services, elaborates, “Trianz’s clarity of vision, roadmap to success and predictable execution methodologies ensure timely delivery on potential and promises of cloud computing. Today, we have earned a commendable position in the industry.” This clear-thinking perception has been vindicated several times by a long list of awards and testimonies that the company has garnered for itself. In his testimony, the CTO of a leading E-Commerce travel portal, lauds the company saying, “Worked with Trianz team for Open Stack POC implementation, and I found them to be very professional & knowledgeable about the domain. They delivered on their promises, and I do look forward to take things to the next level in the future." Another testimony coming from an elite Program Leader of a large non-profit organization reads, “Team Trianz did an outstanding job in setting up our People Soft instances on AWS. They dealt with multiple challenges to get the instances up and running. This was perhaps one of the first People Soft implementations on AWS in India. We are absolutely thankful and delighted to have Trianz as our partners. Professional services and support was exceptional to say the least.”

Insights about Trianz

Trianz helps leaders in client organizations formulate and execute operational strategies to achieve business results from a senior management perspective. With a focus on Cloud, Digital Transformation, Analytics, and Security, we bring the best of consulting and technology experiences, execution models and IP to deliver consistent success to clients. With offices in Silicon Valley, Washington DC Metro, New York, Dubai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Chennai and Hyderabad, Trianz serves a wide range of clients from Fortune 1000 to emerging companies in high tech, insurance, financial services, retail, manufacturing, life sciences, public sector and logistics industries.

On the Cloud with Trianz

Benefits of cloud adoption are manifold. On one hand it provides much-needed flexibility and rapid scaling capability, and on the other hand, it opens up several channels of communication with clients, wherein companies can foster strong relationships at significantly lower costs. However, in-spite of such marked advantages, adoption of cloud brings its own set of challenges. Challenges such as management of both on-premise and cloud resources, cloud governance & security, application & workload performance monitoring, seamless data migration between cloud & on-premise environments, and leveraging the full perks of advanced cloud-native services beyond routine IaaS are just the few to start with. So, to help enterprises navigate through these issues, the team at Trianz develops robust set of credentials, processes, frameworks and tool-driven models to help clients move infrastructure, work loads and data in varying cloud usage and deployment scenarios.

To tackle these challenges, the company has many tools and services up its sleeves. Trianz helps clients effectively address these with:Consistently managing both on-premise and cloud resources via Trianz Hybrid Cloud services, Cloud governance & security via Trianz Cloud Governance and Cloud Security frameworks, Application & workload performance on cloud via Trianz Cloud Migration services, seamless data migration between cloud & on-premise environments via Trianz Cloud Integration services and take advantage of advanced cloud-native services beyond routine IaaS via Trianz Digital transformation services

Using these robust set of tools and services, the company helps clients formulate and execute their operational strategies in order to achieve desired business results. Vivek explains, “With a focus on cloud, digital transformation, analytics, and security, we bring fore the best of consulting and technology experience, execution model, and IP to deliver consistent success for our clients.”

One of the first few integrators to deploy OpenStack-based private clouds and as an early Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting partner, the Company today serves close to 60 plus clients in their deployments and cloud management.

Array of Solution Scenarios

Cloud, due to its ability to store and process huge amounts of data, high computing capability, flexibility, optimized cost of services, scalability as well as accessibility, cloud is ubiquitous. Enterprises are in a hurry to adopt it, but often cloud service customers (CSCs)—mostly small and medium sized businesses—don’t have sufficient knowledge on how to execute their cloud plans efficiently. The lack of transparency in their IT operations as well as security obligations make it imperative for them to approach an expert cloud service provider to avoid any shortcomings. With a spectrum of cloud services and solutions, Trianz comes handy here. It has helped many clients execute their cloud strategies.

Trianz supports its clients in one or more of the following illustrative scenarios:

Journey to the Cloud

Client scenario:
• A large retail store: “We are building an e-commerce platform and want to scale it gradually in proportion to increases in site visitors.”
• A managed healthcare company: “Our healthcare application(s) are running on servers in our hospitals; can we move all applications to a multitenant setup on cloud.”

These Trianz services are based on a clear blueprint with specific IT, business, and stakeholder objectives. Designed and built around achieving key IT and business imperatives Trianz focuses on:
• Rapid delivery of IT solutions to address business requirements
• Lowering total cost of ownership of IT
• A robust alignment between business and IT
• Provide elasticity to out innovate competition both by pace and delivery of products / services

“Trianz develops robust set of credentials, processes, frame works and tool-driven models to help clients move infrastructure, workloads and data in varying cloud usage and deployment scenarios.”

IT as a Service

Client scenario:
• A global life insurer: “Our data center is 70 percent virtualized. To optimize the setup, why don’t we roll out a hybrid cloud integrated with internal ITSM processes?”
• Large high tech company: “Our data centers are a mix of Bare Metal, VMware and Hyper-V systems. How can we roll out a fully managed single-console cloud in this setup? With scope for adding Azure into the mix later?”

Trianz assists clients to preserve their investment in either Virtualized or Bare Metal environment and find ways to “Cloudify” them.

Making Disaster Recovery on the Cloud a Reality

Client scenario:
• Large financial services firm: “Our primary method of doing DR today is via backups. Recovery can take 1-2 days. How do we reduce this to a few hours with little added expense?”
• Leading logistics services provider: “Our DR coverage and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) / Recovery Point Objective (RPO) metrics is patchy today. How do we get better control on it for all our production workloads in the DC?”

Trianz can assist clients to adopt a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) / Recovery Point Objective (RPO) driven DR on cloud strategy. With DR on public cloud, one can accomplish Single-Click DR recovery automation as per workload needs. Clients can choose from one of the following four DR operating models based on their specific needs - Backup, PilotLight, Warm Standby and Active-active.

Enabling Agile + Development using DevOps

Client scenarios:
• A leading insurance company: “We have too many issues with our software development and testing processes. Consequently, we are able to make product releases typically every three months. We would like to get this down to a weekly or daily release.”
• A public sector organization: “Our application requires a fairly complex set of Infrastructure, software and therefore deployment time is long. Today, we have silos of dedicated systems for development and testing pre-provisioned across multiple teams; we would like to move to a shared on-demand pool of systems in future.”

Trianz can enable clients to not only fix these gaps (e.g. Test Automation), but also help roll out a fully automated CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment) DevOps pipeline.

Data Transformation & Analytics on Cloud

Client scenario:
• Large media and communications company: “We have a Data Warehousing workload processing data from multiple databases such as DB2, Oracle, MS SQL and it takes more than six hours; can we reduce this to an hour or so using Cloud?”
• Leading e-commerce company: “We have a BI reporting workload that is processing data from Oracle databases on-premise and is about a 20 hour batch. How can we continuously do this on cloud?”

Organizations face stiff challenges in migrating their on-premise database to cloud. Trianz uses a combination of mechanisms from migration tools, cloud ETL tools, scripts and automation not only to export but also to transform data in batch or in real-time to suit these varying needs.

Migrating Enterprise workloads to Cloud

Client scenario:
• Global manufacturing organization: “We have a few modules of SAP running on old hardware. Can we have DR using cloud? Also, can you help us move the applications from AIX to x86 architecture?
• Leading HR & Payroll services firm: “We would like to deploy our HRMS / PeopleSoft on cloud. Can you help us with the move and also support us on the apps and database?

Be it any CRM/ ERP, Enterprise Applications, E-Commerce Applications, Learning Management System, Portals or even intense data transformation or processing, Trianz can help organizations adopt a new mind-set & capabilities that can bring in a number of improvements in both their business value and business operations.

Cloud Success Story

Success in business demands vision and hard work. It needs years of dedicated effort in ensuring client’s success. And, Trianz is one of the prominent enterprises that has whole-heartedly worked along the years to achieve this success. All throughout its journey, the Company has ventured into various segments. The Company has gained close association with e-commerce sector—one of the prominent and flourishing segment currently. So much so that, when an established e-commerce portal in the middle-east region was struggling with its bare metal servers, large lead times, huge capital lock-in to cater to spiky loads and compressed migration timelines, Trianz in no time base-lined their code and architected the portal for auto-scaling. At the same time, it also ensured that all vulnerabilities are fixed before it goes live, while taking care of the optimization of the deployment cost and DR solutions. In addition, the Company also guided and helped one of the leading travel fare aggregator in the process of migrating from one public cloud to another public cloud that was facing impediments related to its performance, reliability, monitoring and lack of elasticity, finally resulting in higher expenses. “We have auto-scaled various layers so that it adapts to client’s evolving performance needs along with offering a flexibility of 24x7 monitoring and support,” Vivek expounds.

Trianz has helped one of the prestigious Fortune 50 healthcare Insurance Company deliver solutions faster to the market, enabled hybrid cloud integration, offered automation strategic agility and provided increased operating efficiency. In fact, for a leading business and operations support solutions client, who had an array of application running on different OS versions with a mix of physical and virtual environments, Trianz performed the migration using block level replication, with custom orchestration and automation engine deployment resulting in lesser client intervention and zero operational impact and down time.

Over the years the Company has proven its efficiency in cloud deployments multiple times and it’s clients have experienced phenomenal results year-after-year. Future looks bright for Trianz. As a one-stop cloud solutions provider, the company abiding by its core values and maintaining long term relationships with its ever growing list of clients, associates and partners intends to combat all the client’s cloud barrier.
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Vivek Gupta, Worldwide VP

A premium cloud services provider that helps clients formulate and execute their Cloud operational strategies to transform business and achieve results from a top-management point of view

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