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Selsoft Inc. : Advancing Into a New IT Landscape through Cloud Computing

Pushban Rajaiyan, CEO
The wake of 21st century saw an outbreak in the corporate sector. Businesses and competition vectors remained same; however, a massive transformation took over the dynamics of running businesses. This transformation was none other than the huge buzzword that IT was. Information Technology, gained its prime when it found its place within the managerial economics of huge industry segments augmenting revenue and productivity by enabling them technologically. The trend took a turn and became a technological revolution. One such organization which marked its foundation along with this revolution was Selsoft. Based in Texas, USA, Selsoft is an IT consulting service provider which was established with an objective to achieve the most innovative, cost-effective IT solutions for businesses. Evolved from a start-up company with a handful of employees into a full-fledged, high technology firm, Selsoft along with its specialized range of Cloud solutions, has uniquely positioned itself to provide IT solutions to its clients using cloud technology.
Selsoft realizes the potential of IT’s future with cloud computing. The competitive landscape and the constant phase shift of technological trends have led to a market condition where companies must deploy an accurate system to track sales and resources. Selsoft has found an answer to this in the form of TrackMe. The case and work flow management product 'TrackMe' is designed and developed to manage the tenant’s issue in any commercial and residential property. This cloud application can be used by all size firms in any industry. The application is also designed to automate defect reporting and equipment maintenance schedules.
Selsoft’s customized solutions comprising consulting, managed services,staff augmentation and outsourcing services have made it unique in its passion for building a strong relationship with clients. The cloud provider has made a strong impact in the industry through its robust services and continues to stand its ground over making a difference through being available for its clients.
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Pushban Rajaiyan, CEO

Specializes in cloud computing solutions and services, custom application development, and IT consulting services

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